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Girls County Champs - 1997-2004, 06, 08-12

Boys County Champs - 1997-2004, 06-10, 19

Girls State Qualifiers - 2002-04, 09-15, 17-19

Boys State Qualifiers - 2000, 04, 06, 07, 14, 17, 19

Girls top 10 State Finishes - 2011, 2012

Boys top 10 State Finishes - 2007

2019 Accomplishments

5 runners make top 10 grade level lists

4 runners make top 15 All Time list

Boys & Girls qualify for state and finish 16th and 18th!

Best boys team in school history!

News & Announcements


We are now allowed up to 50 at practice! So, we will be combining both groups and running one practice a day. If we hit over the limit, we will create a 2nd running group. Below is the new practice schedule.



Reminder you must have a physical that is up to date in order to practice!

PARENTS: CLICK HERE TO PAY SEASON DUES! Price is $150 for the season and $70 for the uniform ($35 for top or bottom). Also, popsicle sign up is live on our Parent Sign Up page! Please help be signing up to bring popsicles during the summer! (40ish kids)


Summer Practicing Phase 1 - POWERPOINT

Paulding County has given us the go ahead to start conditioning on June 15th. The above powerpoint goes over the rules we will follow.

1) no more than 20 people per group (can not switch groups)

2) must stay in car until approved (through questions and temperature check)

3) don't share water bottles

4) social distance (6ft)

We are looking into popsicles during the summer. When we get the okay from the county CLICK HERE, this will take you to the sign up!

Athletes can check the COLOR WAR page. Only 4 this year, Red, Blue, Green and Orange! Help your team win by coming to practice, wearing a watch, bringing a water bottle, and doing competitions.

Currently both Group 1 and Group 2 are full, if more are wanting to run this summer sign up for Group 3 and we will find a time for you! (check top of the page)



Captains are meeting up starting 6/1 at Lost Mountain. All group procedures based on what we will see throughout the summer will be in place if you join them. Below are the groups, you can't change, if you aren't listed, you can't go run with them until you are in a group.

Group 1: Casey Butler, Kallie Drummond, Maddie Smith, Felecia Celeste, Katie Criswell, Dresden Jolly, Greyson Hilber, Hannah Hogan, Keith Mathes, David Mathes, Kate Kinnaman, Spencer Kinnaman, Sarah Howell, Eli Corn, Max West, Carter Pengelly, Skyy Dunlop, Isaiah Thompson-Fields, Jake Sandy

Group 2: Alissa Blake, Emily Barney, Natalya Stroncone, Kylie Nucci, Alex Torrance, Kat Sweeney, Caitlyn Enyart, Hammet Knupp, Joseph Elbert, Grace Plummer, Hunter Rickeard, Ryan Tomczyk, Rachel Klapste, Kendall Pitts, Macy Thomas, Michael Harris, Cora Barger, Camden Howey, Matthew Sweeney

All runners will need an updated physical and Rank One by the first summer practice! So, use these 1-2 weeks to get that done!

Color Wars has started! 4 teams this summer, you get points for attendance, wearing a watch to practice, and bringing a water bottle.

Summer (A) - Summer (B) - Summer (C) - Summer (D) - Summer (NR)

Summer Training Locations

Upcoming Events

6/22-26: Practice @ Kolb Farm

6/29-7/3: DEAD WEEK (Captain Led)

7/6-10: Practice @ ACP

7/13-17: Practice @ Green Meadows

7/20-24: Practice @ Lost Mountain

8/3: 1st Season Practice

8/8: Season Time Trial

8/15: Hoya 2 Mile

9/5: Berry (Boys race)

9/12: Double Dip (Girls race)

9/19: County

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REMIND 101​:

Athletes Text: @epxc20

Number: 81010

Parents Text: @epxc20p

Number: 81010




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Congrats to our 2020 Summer Captains! Alyssa Blake, Eli Corn, Katie Criswell, Greyson Hilber, Hannah Hogan, Kobe Hulsey, Kat Sweeney, and Ryan Tomczyk!

Online sign ups are live for the upcoming season, check the link on the right! We are needing to order uniforms soon, so the earlier you register the better I can purchase what we need. I hope you decide to give Cross Country a chance!

Summer training locations and times will be sent out soon, decided on by the captains!


Parents please sign up for summer snacks for the kids! Information can be found HERE!


We will be starting XC training in April due to the coronavirus, and the shortening or cancellation of track. I urge all runners planning on running on the 2020 EPXC team to start as early as possible!


Below are the running schedules for April. Check the list to see which group you are in!

Group A - Group B - Group C - Group D - New Runners

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