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Below are the teams for the 2023 Summer Color Wars and all the information for it! If you are not on a team yet, let me know and I will put you on one. GAME ON!

Have fun and encourage your teammates to be at practice! Team standings will be updated weekly below.

Look below for your groups! New runners not listed will be added when they arrive!

COMPETITIONS 1st WEEK (7/11 - 7/17):

1) Wacky Sock Wednesday! (5 points for wacky socks, 10 extra points for the wackiest sock boy and girl)

2) Friday - Color Day (wear your team color to practice)

Team Yellow

Arianna DeVitta

Kallie Drummond

Brooklyn Dunlop

Sebastian Fryer

Daniel Gaddis

Kylie Good

Olivia Harris

Jonah Hess

Lynn Holt

Dresden Jolly

Ebrima Kasama

Kaitlyn Lanza

Kylee Lapier

Katie Pate

Kendall Pitts

Tyler Preston

Axel Ruiz

Ava Saravanja
Ethan Saravanja

Tyler Stanley

Adrielle Thompson

Olivia Western

Team Blue

Gedrick Castellanos

Jordyn Clackum

Jackson Cole

Matthew Drummond

Matthew Ellison

Lily Gamel

Ja'Riyah Grisle

Jackson Gunter

Halie Holmes

Kyli Hughes

Andrew Jacobson

Harrison Jeffers

Mamie Jeffries

Ben McDaniel

Caleb McDaniel

Connor Morris

Kenya Pacheco

Kyra Powell

Zach Staley
Zane Stokes
Isaiah Thompson-Fields

Zaire Williams

Team Purple

Justin Bailey

Laci Barron

Michael Boyle

Carly Buikema

Morgan Burson

Atticus Corn

Eli Corn

Skyy Dunlop

Sarah Howell

Mason Hufstetler

Landon LeBoeuf

Megan Lydick

Rocky Middendorf

Aubrey Nucci

Kylie Nucci

France Pimentel

Maria Roman

Gabe Thompson-Fields
Justinne Tomedonou

Max West

Color War Rules:

1) 1 point for coming to practice

2) 1 point for bringing a watch to practice

3) 1 point for wearing (majority) your team color on Friday to            practice

4) 5-50 points for Team competitions

5) At the end of every month the winning team will be announced          (6/30, 7/28)

6) Winning teams will be allowed to come to practice on Friday and          have donuts provided and have a fun day (soccer, frisbee, etc.)

7) Bottom half teams will be eliminated and reassigned into a                    different group for the next weeks of competition

Week 4 Team Standings:

1) Yellow - 

2) Blue - 

3) Purple - 

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