Below are the teams for the 2020 Summer Color Wars and all the information for it! If you are not on a team yet, let me know and I will put you on one. GAME ON!

Have fun and encourage your teammates to be at practice! Team standings will be updated weekly below.

Congrats to Blue for squeaking out the win over Green for the first month! All original Blue members will get donuts on Friday this week and don't have to run at practice! Play tag, soccer, frisbee, or run if you want!

Look below for your new groups, team Red is now with team Blue, and team Orange is now with team Green.


1) Wacky Sock Wednesday! (5 points for wacky socks, 10 extra points for the wackiest sock boy and girl)

2) Friday - surprise competition (25 points for the top boy and top girl)

Team Green

Emily Barney

Brandon Brackenridge

Mya Brackenridge

Zach Davis

Caitlyn Enyart

Sebastian Fryer Galindo

Michael Harris

Spencer Kinnaman

Rachel Klapste

Keith Martin

Kylie Nucci

Danile Ogunderu

Jake Sandy

Kat Sweeney

Salahudinn Abdul-Hamad

Kallie Drummond

Hannah Hogan

Sarah Howell

Kobe Hulsey

Dresden Jolly

Hammet Knupp

Hunter Rickeard

Aspen Steele

Natalya Stroncone

Samantha Summerlin

Isaiah Thompson

Nick Watson

Team Blue

Cora Barger

Katie Criswell

Skyy Dunlop

Joseph Elbert

Greyson Hilber

Camden Howey

Carter Pengelly

Kendall Pitts

Emily Sullivan

Rory Summerlin

Macy Thomas

Ryan Thomczyk

Max West

Alyssa Blake

Casey Butler

Felecia Celeste

Eli Corn

Elijah Fullerton

Kate Kinnaman

Keith Mathes

David Mathes

Allison McClure

Nikki Pettway

Grace Plummer

Maddie Smith

Matthew Sweeney

Alex Torrance

Color War Rules:

1) 1 point for coming to practice

2) 1 point for bringing a watch to practice

3) 1 point for wearing (majority) your team color on Friday to            practice

4) 5-50 points for Team competitions

5) At the end of every month the winning team will be announced          (6/26, 7/31)

6) Winning teams will be allowed to come to practice on Friday and          have donuts provided and have a fun day (soccer, frisbee, etc.)

7) Bottom half teams will be eliminated and reassigned into a                    different group for the next weeks of competition

Month 1 Team Standings:

1) Blue - 439

2) Green - 432

3) Orange - 301

4) Red - 282