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Below are the teams for the 2019 Summer Color Wars and all the information for it! If you are not on a team yet, let me know and I will put you on one. GAME ON!

Have fun and encourage your teammates to be at practice! Team standings will be updated weekly below.

Blue wins the 2nd section of Color Wars! They will get donuts on 7/12 at practice and can play games. Purple team will now be Blue, and Pink will now be Orange! 2 teams remain!

Team Orange

Salahudinn Abdul-Hamad

Macy Beth Andrade

Tarron Austin

Catherine Basch

Alyssa Blake

Mackenzie Brock

Felecia Celeste

Katie Criswell

Joseph Elbert

Elijah Fullerton

Quen Hanson

Michael Harris

Lainey Hoffman

Luis Morales

Nikki Pettway

Patrick Reeder

Logan Steele

Jared Swiney

Jade Thomas

Ryan Tomczyk

Jules Whalen

Justin Woodard

Carson Baggett

Luke Boyle

Kaitlin Brantley

Abi Crew

Brie Damron

Matthew Denson

Hayden Dias

Kallie Drummond

Olivia Glover

Lauren Gramling

Greyson Hilber

Hannah Hogan

Emma Jones

Rachel Klapste

Elijah McKinney

Kylie Nucci

Deena Papadakis

Derek Paulison

Kendall Pitts

Jacob Smith

Rory Summerlin

Roderick White

Josh Andrade

Connor Boyce

Ashtyn Brooks

Nichole Damron

Bunny Geiger

Cori Howell

Kobe Hulsey

Dresden Jolly

Danae Jones

Katherine Kinnaman

Chazz Lauderdale

Kaitlyn Lydick

Swaye Mohler

Lauren Paris

Grace Plummer

Clarke Poss

Amber Scott

Ayden Showers

Aspen Steele

Samantha Summerlin
Kat Sweeney

Emmalee Watkins

Team Blue

Favor Awe

Cora Barger

Emily Barney

Will Bruce

Eli Corn

Julien Dascanio

Zach Davis

Christian Dodge

Riley Heitz

Connor Hobbs

Ava Jones

Hammet Knupp

Katelyn Lazere

David Mathes
Keith Mathes

Allison McClure

Angelynna Morales

Devin Provost

Owen Senecal
Macy Thomas

Sebastian Tidor

Color War Rules:

1) 1 point for coming to practice

2) 1 point for bringing a watch to practice

3) 1 point for wearing (majority) your team color on THURSDAY to            practice

4) 5-50 points for Team competitions

5) At the end of every 2 weeks the winning team will be announced          (6/15, 6/29, 7/27)

6) Winning teams will be allowed to come to practice on Monday and          have donuts provided and have a fun day (soccer, frisbee, etc.)

7) Bottom half teams will be eliminated and reassigned into a                    different group for the next weeks of competition

Week 3 Team Standings:

1) Blue - 186

2) Orange - 166

3) Pink - 159

4) Purple - 141