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To help our team become successful, we need dedication from not only the athletes, but parents as well. Throughout the season we need help with small snacks during the week to help maintain the kids excitement and health. We also feed the kids the Friday before every race to help them have the energy and strength for their race the next day. Lastly, race days can be very long and exhausting, having healthy snacks so the kids don't get hungry and can keep their energy up is very vital to their success. We appreciate any help you can give, the more the better! Thanks to everyone that can donate items and their time!

Summer Treats

It gets really hot during the summer! If you could bring ice pops or popsicles for the kids after practice on Mondays or Wednesdays they would appreciate it!​

Help provide good, healthy food for the runners on long run day during the summer! Athletes need to replenish the energy they lost from their long run immediately! Watermelon is a favorite, but bananas, berry's, and others are great!

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If you can help bring some frozen ice pops on Mondays or Wednesdays at the end of practice. This will be after workout days to help the athletes recover!

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Pasta Dinner

We have 7 pasta dinners this season the day before some key races. We need help providing food, supplies, serving, and set up/clean up. You will need to bring the food to the front of the school by 4:30, Mrs. Saravanja will meet you. No outside visitors can come into the school. Thanks!

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Help provide good, healthy food for the runners on race day! Athletes get hungry between their own breakfast and when we leave for lunch!

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