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This year we are going to try online payments! This should make things much easier and quicker. The booster club is almost completed and when it is we will have a link on this page to pay through PayPal. You can also write a check to the team if you do not wish to pay online. Dues this year are $250, siblings will have dues of $200.

We will have the same uniforms as last season if they still fit. We are switching our spandex bottoms for girls to Under Armor, so you can stick with what you have, or buy the new ones. All NEW athletes will need to buy a top and shorts. Girls can choose distance shorts, spandex, or both.

Money will be going to pay for community coaches, buses, meet fees, etc.

You can also buy more shirts (season, long sleeve, and parents can buy some) and custom car stickers!

Order Form - this form is just for you if you need it, we do not need you to hand us this

Please make sure to pay via the friends and family link.



Covers team shirt, team sweats, race fees, transportation, other shirts, athlete banquet, scholarships, coaches, etc.

2nd Child


If you have more than one child on the team, the second child or more is $200 each.



Boys Top ($35)

Boys Bottom ($35)

Girls Top ($35)

Girls Distance Bottom ($35)

Girls Spandex Bottom ($20)

Spirit Items


Coming soon

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